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   The first serious work of Thanos in choreography was his own choreodrama “Isadora”, based on music from his opera, premiered in Kschessinska Palace, Moscow in 1996. Thanos created a troupe of Isadora dancers from Russia and America and was participating in the performance as a dancer too. Same year the troupe went to annual music festival in St.Petersburg to perform this choreodrama there with the same success.

   In 1999 M. Polatof, famous costume designer and stage director, came up with an idea to stage opera “Rhea” of S. Samaras at National Opera of Greece and invited Lucas Thanos as a choreographer. All the 2,5-hour opera was fully choreographed: dancers were accompanying choir, musical parts and singers, who were standing motionless in the specially designed niches on the stage. Thanos combined modern and classical ballet, contemporary, and Isadora style dance. A theme from this opera became the anthem of the Olympic games. Costumes were designed by M. Polatof.

   In 2005 Thanos started working on music for a new choreodrama along with libretto for it, which he made together with I.Kambanellis, Greek poet, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, and novelist. First it started as a seminar at drama school and later was developed into full production in Dais Theatre and then in Ilisia Theatre, Athens. Thanos used a combination of contemporary, jazz and his own inventions, creating fusion choreography. Music style varies between jazz, expressionism and romanticism. The choreodrama is based on works of Iakovos Kambanellis and is dedicated to him.

   Thanos’ style in dance became a distinguishable feature for choreographing chorus in his tragedies and doesn’t belong to any specific technique, rather comes from his inner kinetic experiences.

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